While physical exercise is important for seniors, mental activity is just as vital. Keeping the mind active can help prevent health issues such as depression, anxiety, and even Alzheimer’s. Our Connecticut home care services take care of the whole person–including their mind–and we can offer some suggestions on ways that you can help your loved one keep their mind active in their later years.

  • Pick up puzzles. Whether it’s solving the daily crossword or putting together a jigsaw puzzle, solving puzzles is a great way to stretch the mind and keep it active. If this is their first time trying puzzles, pick up a puzzle variety book at the store and let them find the type of puzzle they enjoy.
  • Debate current issues. Watching television might not do much for the mind, but discussing current events seen on television is a great way to activate the mind. Ask their opinions and respectfully discuss current issues. Their ideas may differ from your own, but you will likely learn something in the process, too.
  • Hook up the Wii. When the Wii came out several years ago, it’s popularity among seniors skyrocketed. They could easily manage the controls even if they’d never played video games before, and it got them moving with interactive games such as bowling, golf, and daily workout routines. You can pick up an old Wii system online and in second-hand shops very affordably.

Need more suggestions? Give our Connecticut home care services a call and get a free consultation. We’ll help you with the care your loved one need, both body and mind!