Our Connecticut home health care agency knows that for many seniors, one of the biggest issues they face as they get older is loneliness. There are many factors that can contribute to this problem:

  • A decrease in the ability to get out on their own. They may not be able to drive themselves to places as much, or need assistance when they get there.
  • Losing friends to old age. Unfortunately, some seniors simply outlive their friend group. Making new friends can be hard for many seniors.
  • The family has a busy social life. Younger members of the family may mean well, but need to maintain their own social life and have less time to visit.

This is where our Connecticut home health care team can help. We offer services that range from light housekeeping once a week to 24-hour care. No matter what level of care you need, though, our experienced and professional team members are always happy to sit down for a visit. This can help your loved one fend off loneliness and isolation and can often even be a benefit to their health.

If you are concerned that your loved one is battling loneliness as they get older, get in touch with us. We’ll give you a free consultation on our home health care services and help you determine what level of care is appropriate. Let us know if loneliness is a concern and we’ll make sure your loved one has a friendly face to share a cup of coffee with during the week, too. We’re here to help in every way possible! Contact us today to get started.