Vickie Adorno is an asset to any family facing health care issues with the elderly. Without her case management expertise I know that it would be incredibly difficult to keep up with the myriad of medical issues that we face with two elderly parents. She is knowledgeable, compassionate and above all has the ability to see the entire picture of a complex medical system. She acts as the center of the medical and day to day issues facing my parents; from organizing appointments to making sure that there is food in the refrigerator. Without her it would be virtually impossible to keep them in their home at this stage of their life. She hires intelligent and kindhearted caregivers who have become an extension of our family.

Vickie’s true asset is that she sees the big picture. With all the medical issues facing two elderly parents, Vickie coordinates the care, making sure that medical information is shared with all the specialists. In a multi-part medical delivery system, Vickie is the glue that keeps it all together.

Ronald and Kimberly Glassman